2002 News

I've learned a few important things in C programming for WiNGs. There is this handy handy function called getline(), that I believe was added to the C implementation Specifically for wings, by Jolz. YOu give it the address of a Character pointer, and the address of an Int, and you give it a source. And it will allocate memory for you, while reading characters in from the source and storing them in a string pointed to by the pointer. It will read until it encounters a Line Ending. Then it sets the int to the number of bytes it read in.

However, the important thing I learned... Getline() will only reallocate if what it reads in is More than the size of the last thing it read in. So, if the int is 4, and it needs to read in three, it assumes it already has a space of 4 allocated. Therefor... if you ever set the char pointer to NULL, You MUST also set the int to Zero. Otherwise, it will begin storing values at random locations in Memory, and will invariably cause a fatal crash.

Added forwarding to mail, over lunch break. Reinstated the (v)iew option for getting to messages that are older than you have specified for getting in the list. Reworked the reply addy chooser using memcpy for the firsttime... to hopefully make it more robust.

News of the wave and it's pending email client was released yesterday. So... The canons are loaded. It's gonna be a fun battle between WiNGs as it developes and matures, and WheelsSC with the Wave.

So, I added a few things to Mail. At the return addy chooser, I extended it dynamically, so It is no longer limited to only 10 reply addies. Then there is a menu, which has (t)ake address, and (a)dd additional addresses. With t, you can add the address pointed to to your nicks list. (a) is for adding CC's to the reply.

Waveplaythreads is coming along. You can supply a list of song filenames to play, and as it plays the first song, it loads the next song in the background. So when the playing song is finished, the next song is ready to play instantly. You can also pause and resume the playback at any time. A simple visualizer is in the works too.

Check out the Source Code for search. It may help to give people a feel for how Wings can be programmed using the C Language. This is a very cool utility and required very little code. And it's FAST too!

Worked until the wee hours of the morning. Only got 1hour and 10 minutes of sleep before Getting up and going to work. Discussed with Jolz the way Gui widgets are designed. Jolz fixed a CMD HD Partition Offset calculation bug, aswell as fixed the IDE64 FS bug that treated byte 10 directory entries as though they were Not deleted.

I made a GUI based search utility. Type any part of any filename click search or press return and all active drives, everypartition and every directory will be searched trying to find matching filenames. Every match is listed with Full Partition and directory path to the file in the scrollable text area below the search parameter input text bar. It's pretty darn fast, even going through 12 CMD HD partitions with no parallel cable, and through 120 megabytes of well organized files on my IDE64. it only took a matter of seconds to pull back all results. Because Wings uses Disk caching, it becomes faster the second and third time you search through.

Working on C programming Wings Tutorial Part2. I think people will find this tutorial much more interesting than the first. This tutorial deals much closer with the specifics of wings. Such as GUI programming, and starting new threads and spawning child applications and so on.

Finally fixed up QuickSend! Qsend used to just blindly push your message at the SMTP mail server, never checking if the server was rejecting it's requests. The result was that the server always said the message was sent successfully. So, even if for legitamate reasons it was unable to send, you would think it had sent. This might lead you to not bother saving the message, only to later discover it was not delivered and the original has long since been overwritten.

Qsend now pays close attention to what the server is replying with and has a Verbose mode too. If it's being Verbose it will tell you the whole way through what it is doing next. This is handy for uploading files, it lets you know when it starts encoding the attachment as base64, and then tells you when it has started uploading that base64 file and more.

I discovered a bug in qsend's attachment code, it will put all files into one file, with one name if you attach more than one file to a single message. This should be easy to fix, but for now, only send one file per email. Or zip several files into one before sending them.

Got pretty angry at myself for not being able to figure out a bug in Wavconverter. The converter handles conversions of wav files to wav files with different specs. For example 16bit to 8bit, stereo to mono, and combinations of the above. the one combination that still has a bug in it is converting 8bit stereo to 8bit mono. Besides that, wavconverter has done well. And I think it's a first in being able to deal with 16bit wav files on a C64.

AJIRC Updated!! I've updated the GUI ajirc IRC client, it is now an app folder. In the app folder is a resources directory. And there is one resource file, serverlist.rc. This file can be freely edited with servers and port numbers. The servers listed in this file will appear in the servers menu in AJIRC the next time it is started.

Playlist UPdated!! Playlist is a playlist script generator. Now it has recursion, and support for .sid and .dat files to be played by the new Sidplay.

New bins!! September Chicago Commodore expo has just gone by, and Some new bins may as well be posted here. Come and get them. :) There are still a few drive access issues. but in all the system is much stabler than it was before.

This past weekend, Jolz put to death a few Bad Bugs. The fsys one still lingers but It's been beaten half to death at least. Some work has apparently been done on the GUI... the windows are starting to look more like the concept drawings, and the winlib.h has more functionality apparent in it...

I've done a little bit of work on GooEmail... Another screenshot...
I have started working on GooEmail. A Mail client for the JOS GUI. Screenshot below. Protovision and I had an interesting exchange. More on that later.

Made an official release a new version of Mail and Qsend. They support multiple recipients... Carbon copy. And when replying with mail you get a list of addresses which you can flag for replying to, similar to the erase flag in the main list. The previous unofficial release from july 3rd had a bug when sending from within Mail. Carbon Copy now supports Nicks, and seems to be bug free.

Jolz has been working on the Installation process, it will be very clean, the majority of unzipping is handled with Gunzip for JOS itself. The Gui design has started to be worked on. And Jolz is reworking LCC to produce tighter, smaller and faster Code.

Fixed links to the Logs on Nate\DAC's site. He has changed his domain to daconcepts.org. Dropping the dyndns.

The problem with mail not contacting mail.mac.com was a tcpip bug. In the latest betas, jolz has repaired this bug. It will be available when the next public release of the new bins is available.

I've created a tool called wavhead that can now convert 16bit wavs to 8bit wavs and stereo to mono. It uses dithering, and averaging, and has a user definable RamBuffer size. It also can tell you detailed information about the format a wav file is in. Next to add to it is resampling/oversampling, and the accompanying in math to do it right.

Jolz has added Embedded directory support to gunzip for Wings. This will be available soon.

New versions of Mail and Qsend supporting Carbon copying and reply address select list is now available! To get mail, cd /wings/net/mail.app, update mail, mv mail start... say yes to overwrite. You must also update qsend. cd /wings/net/qsend.app, update qsend, mv qsend start ... say yes to overwrite again.

Made a quick and dirty app for grabbing files off of remote webservers. to get it... I recommend putting it in the net directory.. cd /wings/net, update gethttp. If you already have it... just say yes to overwrite anyway.

You can use gethttp to read the news on this site! and to read the log files and many other things. Here's a tip about how to do the two example uses: (type at an 80 column console)

gethttp www.king.igs.net /~billnacu/wings/developers.html |web|more

gethttp daconcepts.dyndns.org /~wings/log.today.txt |more

Enjoy! I made a few changes to the install program that were bugs that slipped me by. Base64 is included in the package now of course like it should be. If you missed it and don't want to download the whole package again, boot jos, get online with it, switch to the tools directory (cd /wings/tools) and type update base64. That will get it for you without even needing to do anything!

Jolz has got all the source code on Sourcforge.net... And CVS is in the making. Soon it will be very easy for all programmers to share and help in the JOS/WiNGs programming effort.

I've made some changes to Mail, and Qsend. They will soon support Sending to multiple Destination addresses, and a reply-to address select List thingy... it's cool. Also in the works... streaming the output of base64 to the mail server without needing to write to a temporary disk file.

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the News section of the new Wings/JOS website. I hope you have no problems downloading the Pre Release. Please be aware, there are a couple of small issues with thewe pre release files... if you crash, don't cry... If you have precious precious Data... please... Back it up onto floppies. If you can't boot, disconnect everything from the Serial bus that isn't turned on.

News: I got my wavfile converter to successfully quarter, and halve the Sample Rates of 2 different HUGE (5megabyte) wav file songs. Working on getting the 16 to 8bit conversion working.

Let people on the lists know about this site. Lets start talking on The lists about Jos/WiNGS.

Fixed some mime errors in Mail. Started work on the Wave converter tool. Made some changes to qsend but haven't tested them yet.

Fixed up the init file in the 4.02install.zip. Updated update util. Formatted this news page. Made some Mime Header Parsing Changes to mail.

Created a new URL redirect at dyndns.org wings.webhop.org
started working on the downloads page.

The site is going up. Added this page. Checked out all pages with w3m, links, elinks and lynx. as well as the graphical browsers.