Return to Main  WiNGs Screen Shots January 2004
Fileman v1.38, resizable panels,
Datestamps, hidden files, filetypes stored in XML

Threaded Wavplayer with pause button
and minutes:seconds remaining

New functionality gives you full control of
mailwatch, and feedback showing status

Change sorting by Clicking the Columns

Me chatting with Jeri Ellsworth in IRC.
And a bitmap of someone named Amber.

As IF I died. It was a 50/50 chance

Showing off the filemanager windows

An Update on the GUI File Manager

The New Console File Manager

The title screen of Mail v2.0

Using the File Manager to Rename

Mail V2.0's Inbox List

Compose Message with Address Selector

The Desktop Customizable Background

New File Search Utility

Start of Tree/Column Widget

Word Services - Dictionary Demo

Word Services - Translations Demo

Multiple Jpeg Pictures in Scrollable Windows

A Very Early Beta of a Graphical Mail Client

Minesweeper Game, AJIRC Chat, Credits Display

Early AJIRC Chat, 2 Icon View File Browsers

Using XML as an Addressbook Database