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1. General information and hardware requirements

1.1 Introduction

WiNGs is a modern Operating System for the Commodore 64 and 128 Computers. It is 16-bit and multi-tasking. The OS includes an optional Graphical User Interface, multiple shell consoles, and integration with the internet via TCP/IP over PPP.

The command line interface behaves more like a Unix/Linux interface than the Basic command line of the native C64. In fact a little knowledge of Unix, Linux, or even MS-DOS will put you to an advantage.

In WiNGs, as in Unix, everything is a file. Devices, drivers, screens, partitions, you name it, they are all treated as files. And just as in Unix, commands can be chained together with redirects and pipes to make small processes do big things.

What can WiNGs do?

The list of cool stuff you can do with WiNGs keeps growing. Best of all, WiNGs is free!

1.2 What is the latest version, and where can I get it?

The latest version of the WiNGs operating system can be downloaded from the Official WiNGs Website at First time users should get the full package (four files) with the auto-installer. If you've got a working version of WiNGs and want to upgrade to the latest version, download the package without the installer.

1.3 What hardware is required?

WiNGs requires a C64 or C128 running in C64 mode and a CMD SuperCPU with at least 1 megabyte of RAM. Additionally a boot drive with a capacity of at least 720K is needed to hold the operating system. For faster performance a CMD HD, and/or a RAMLink is suggested. For super performance an IDE64 will really show off this OS.

1.4 What hardware is supported?

Currently supported hardware includes:

1.5 Mailing lists and other information sources

The absolute best source of information and files is Official WiNGs Website at Do not use this HOWTO as a substitute for reading information there.

Another good source for cutting edge info is IRC channel #wgs on EFNet. And there are these other sources too:

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