An Operating System for our Future

WiNGs is a modern Operating System for the Commodore 64 and 128 Computers. It is 16-bit, and multi-tasking, and requires a CMD SuperCPU. The OS includes an optional Graphical User Interface, multiple shell consoles, and integration with the internet via TCP/IP over PPP.

Current possibilities with WiNGs include chatting in IRC, receiving and sending Email, Telnetting to a shell account or BBS, Viewing Jpeg or hires bitmap pictures, Listening to SID music, or Digital music in WAV, S3M, XM, or MOD formats. File management across drives of all variety. Watching hires movies, or converting your own movies from PC Movie formats. Download games and media with FTP. Administer or even host your own website. And lots more. The list of cool stuff you can do with WiNGs keeps growing.

WiNGs is Free! You can download it from the downloads section. There are three main ways to acquire WiNGs program files:

  1. An installation system first time users.
  2. A .zip package for users already running a previous version
  3. And a WiNGs update utility for updating single files

You will need a C64 or C128 Computer with a SuperCPU and at least one Megabyte of SuperRam. An REU or Ramlink can not be substituted in place of SuperRam. You will also need a DiskDrive of some moderate size. A 1581 is the smallest comfortable size recommended, though a limited distribution could be made to run on a 1571 or even a 1541. A CMD HD or Ramlink is preferred over a disk drive. And finally an IDE64 will give you the best (Astounding) results. If you want to use the Graphical User Interface, a 1351 compatible mouse is required. If you want to use the internet, either a Turbo232, Swiftlink or IDE64 Duart is required to interface to a modem.

Download and setup the available files. Load and run the booter. Play around! Any familiarity with a unix shell, or a dial up shell internet account will make you more comfortable with the WiNGs shell. Gaelyne Gasson's book "The internet for Commodore users" is a helpful resource. If you have questions or problems, check the IRC log files for anyone else having similar problems. Pop onto IRC and ask some questions. If you leave a question in the log, someone will respond to it. And feel free to email questions directly or to the many commodore mailing lists. Also, make sure to read the tutorials available on this website. Have fun! Feel free to experiment. From a console try some of the following:

Press the Commodore Key and press the Back arrow at top left corner of the keyboard.

type "fileman" and press return.

type "gui" and press return.

type "mail" and press return.

These are a few commands and shortcuts that you may find interesting!